Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 2: a great video fail

  1. It all went well until I finished it...
  2. Apparently you can`t add audio/ use youtube video enhancements on a video in .wmv file. I still have to work out to save a Window's Movie Maker project in anything else.
  3. It's really shaky, but you can check out the video out here!
  4. Um yeah. Probably either sticking to more doodles (I like how the lightbulb came out)
  5. Overall a super fun failure, which is why I'd like to try something similar out soon again!


Also please comment with any advice + complaints, etc. you have. It will be much appreciated. 


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Welcome + a little bit about me

Hi! I'm Charlene and most people  know me as Char (pronounced as "Shar") or @kazzamelia.

I desperately suck at introducing myself, so instead, I shall draw attention to the slightly miserable but definitely calming weather we are having around here.

You should also know that I'm Canadian.

Not that that actually gives you much information about me but I'm told that as a tourist, people are more accepting of Canadians than Americans. Haven't traveled enough to know.

So what will this blog be about ?! Since I also blog elsewhere, including on wordpress and tumblr (infidelity!?), this will mainly be my photography-lifeblog 365 challenge.

Today's photo is linked somewhere in this post...

And it's of a little sticky tack man who was supposed to be Zeus, having a headache while thinking and throwing lightning bolts.

It was supposed to be the story of how the Goddess Athena was born (Zeus had a massive headache so he hacked a bit of his head off and brilliant Athena was born). I never got around to making the stop motion animation because apparently sticky tack is a pain to animate...

Much fail.

I'm actually not sure about how to create this story with only my phone, sticky tack, paper, markers, Windows movie maker and my determination... But I will. Hopefully. Check out my Youtube channel to see if it's up? If not I probably have up indefinitely......

Anyways, until next time !